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Estamos Aqui!

We're here! We've been meeting with Class of 2020 bi-weekly in spite of the current global pandemic. LEP is committed to supporting our community. We know this is a tough and unprecedented time for all of us. Many Latinx folks in Lancaster and surrounding counties are essential workers or experiencing disproportionate rates of unemployment. We also know that many Latinx folks are struggling with pre-existing conditions that make us more vulnerable to Covid 19. All of this takes a toll on our mental health. LEP usually meets in the early Spring and we push hard until our Gran Finale. We knew that LEP couldn't and wouldn't happen as usual, but we also knew that the power of LEP isn't in perfecting and completing an agenda, but gathering together and supporting each other no matter what. And so our virtual LEP sessions began! We are loosely working through themes (last meeting was civic engagement and this week the 2020 census) and taking more time to check in with each other. Our. little group is diligent and has met regularly via video chat and completed work on our Google Classroom. Sharlyne Rios is helping us keep up with and grow our social media. We are hanging on to our connections with each other and hoping that soon, we can see each other soon. Until then, we will continue to check in and make time for our community.

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