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Day 6: Guests, Being Ourselves, and Community Organizing

Today we heard from Gail Rittenhouse of the Lancaster County Council of Churches. She shared the history of LCCC and how folks can get involved in their work. A repeated phrase at LEP is "We Need Eachother". Gail's work for LCCC proves just that. Keep an eye out as they undergo some new and exciting rebranding!

Then we were visited by Milzy Carrasco! She shared her story and her "why". Milzy did not shy away from the challenges she faces as a Latina in leadership and how she is always working on growing herself and her community. Milzy's work in the City is so important and we followed up her conversation with a look at grassroots community organizing with Laila Martin of CASA. We talked about the importance of finding ways to stay active and create change no matter what level of community involvement you're able to participate in.

¡Hasta la proxima!

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